Monday, February 6, 2012

Orca Bay top completed

The top is completed. Such a sense of accomplishment. My cousin & I spent today in my sewing room She was sandwiching several small projects & I was putting the inner border & outer border on my Orca Bay. I wanted to stop after the inner border was on but Donna keep me going. She said she wasn't going home until it was completed. When it was all done, I layed it on the floor & Donna saw that I had sewn one of the outer borders upside down. So...with ripper in hand, off came one side. Donna had to leave but with in an hour, I had texted her with a picture of the correct completed top. I also saw a place where one of the blue blocks is not right..going to leave it as one of my "humililty" blocks.


Michelle said...

Wow!! Great job!! It is a great should be so proud! Those outer borders are a bugger, aren't they? The top is so heavy, it was hard keeping them together to pin. Congratulations on a great finish!

Barbara said...

Holy smokes, this is incredible! I'm with Donna, the outer border is special. Great job, Barb!!!!!!!!!

Liz said...

What a beauty, Barb. Congratulations of finishing the top.