Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Wednesday stamping girls

Today we celebrated our friend's 92nd birthday( actual BD Jan 2nd) .Pictured here is our usual group of girls. A few girls have come & gone but Miss Billie,Del,my mom( seated in blue shirt) & I have been stamping on Wednesdays for over 16yrs.Our friend, Hope, has been with us for several yrs now .We missed a few Wednesdays here & there but pretty much a sure place to find us ,around my kitchen table, every Wednesday.Lots of fun & great fellowship. We stamp from 12:30-3 & always have a break abt 2pm for tea & a snack. An interesting tid bit.. Miss Billie was my Sunday School teacher when I was a little girl.Of course, then I called her Mrs Layton.


Barbara said...

Those "girls" have obviously been kept young at heart by stamping! What happy faces! Nice pic.
Who is who again? You mentioned 4 including you, but I count 5.

Beth said...

I remember that kitchen table! :)