Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pinelands Patches & I got together today to do some more cutting. We finished cutting the pieces for the rest of this block. Only took 2hr 15min !Now we have to sew. It's hard not to go right to this project. But we both have other projects that need attention too.
This is her block & mine ( top one's mine) to show the difference in choices of fabrics. There are a couple places where we are the same and it will be that way throughout the quilt. Can you pick them out?


peggy said...

Soooo....the other Barb has a blog! NICEY!!!
Yours and Barb's cabin tops look good....I will try and work on mine this weekend ok? Only thing is we're heading to NYC on Sunday to see the Christmas Show at Radio city....So, maybe Saturday.....
I'll let you know if I do. If not, next Friday after is closed.

Anonymous said...

Peggy, be sure you check in beforehand. We are finding more than one error in this pattern. Maybe we can save you some angst -- ripping out is the pits. Ask the other Barb first, she has the *whole* pattern. My needy mini-dachshund ate part of mine. ;)